• Beginning in 2014 races that will receive non-Listed Black-type are being designated by the North American International Cataloguing Standards Committee (NAICSC) based upon new quality control criteria. Races eligible for non-Listed Black-type in 2014 are identified on the NAICSC web site at New races created and existing races with material changes to their conditions need to be submitted to a committee of NAICSC for review 30 days prior to the day the race is run to determine if the inaugural running will receive Black-type status. This may be done using the Contact Us option at A complete outline of the 2014 black-type requirements is also available at Effective January 1, 2014, In order to correctly record non-Listed Black-type races tracks will need to identify them via the RTO Stakes Book Maintenance module. This can be accomplished by choosing Black Type from the Grade dropdown box. This is necessary for these races to receive Black-type in sales catalogues compliant with guidelines required by the Society of International Thoroughbred Auctioneers (SITA). If you wish to have the designator display on your RTO reports you may contact Incompass Techsupport at (800) 625 4664, press 3, or email us at

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